Roundup of Resources for Introverts and HSP From Around the Web

Jump for joy it’s the weekend! Check out these great posts from around the web and INFJ.D. on brains, brawn and the beauty of being.


Combining exercise and meditation has a striking effect on depression

Another study showing that CBT can be as effective as SSRIs

Fascinating study using Virtual Reality to effectively treat depression


Any suggestions for a great weightlifting app for Android?

Ladies, lift weight like a boss this week


Beat decision fatigue and overstimulation with a capsule wardrobe. Check out Part I.

Interesting self-care rituals for HSPs. Have you tried any of them?

Roundup of Resources for Introverts and HSP From Around the Web

Kick off the weekend with great posts from around the web and INFJ.D. on brains, brawn and the beauty of being.




  • You have the power to tell your story. Decide for yourself what matters and what it means.
  • It’s not always easy to see your own mental health struggles – Even when you’re going a little Off the Rails.
  • You don’t have to keep up with everything. Take a break this weekend from Information Overload.

Anxiety Running Your Life? Don’t be Ashamed to Get Help #imnotashamed

I remember the precise moment I decided it was time to go on anxiety medication. It was at the end of what I’ll refer to as a month’s long, anxiety bender.

Life With GAD. Business As Usual.

If you have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) I suspect it’s quite common to not really notice that there is something wrong. You have probably been the one friends and family say “thinks too much” for as long as you can remember. You may even view this as somehow making you superior to your peers.

I rarely viewed my anxiety as problematic. In fact, I viewed it as my secret sauce for success: my anxiety motivated me to give a damn.

When I was experiencing panic attacks in college I started to suspect that something was wrong, but that only went on for a semester or two. Many of the panic attacks involved me panicking about how I would fail at life if I stopped being anxious. Without the anxiety to motivate me I would surely fail!

Don’t ask.

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Science Confirms: You’re Stronger Than You Know

Overcoming difficult life experiences is an obvious defense against future difficult life experiences.

Another, more proactive, defense is to just go pick up heavy ‘ish and get strong. Continue reading

Want to Make Your Brain Less Anxious? Try Optimism


The human brain is marvelous. Research is showing that there may actually be feedback loops between what we think/do and the physical structure of our brain. Astonishingly, those structural changes could affect the way we think going forward.

Your brain keeps changing. It may be possible to harness that power for good!


Ever since childhood I’ve been awe struck by the adaptability of the human brain.

My mother’s Multiple Sclerosis exacerbations and subsequent complete (or near complete) recovery always blew me away. One month she would lose her sight, be unable to use her left side, have difficulty speaking, feel that her legs were leaden. Then, a few months later, following a course of medicine and therapy, she was good as new.

I learned that her autoimmune disorder caused her body to attack and destroy the insulation for her nerves thereby weakening or completely disrupting signals from her brain to her body. But with time, her brain would find new ways to get the message out. The scars on her brain remained, but she recovered.


This is but one example of the brain’s neuroplasticity.  Continue reading