About INFJ.D.

Hi, my name is Kristin.  Welcome to INFJ.D.!

The site name is a play on my Myers Briggs personality type (INFJ) and my profession (lawyer by training).

INFJ.D. is all about living with mood and anxiety disorders and being a sensitive introvert (HSP, INFJ) in a loud world. I blog about what we can glean from (1) book learning and research (the brains), (2) lifting heavy ‘ish and putting it down (the brawn) and (3) stretching ourselves emotionally and mentally (the beauty of being) and how all of these things can help us to survive and thrive.

Visit The Recovery Room for posts on escaping cubicle nation unscathed (with a special focus on law firms) or check out the Highly Sensitive Person Survival Guide for tips on thriving as an HSP.

About Me

I have struggled with mood and anxiety disorders for over a decade and I know what it’s like to try to make life, relationships and careers work while shrouded in a black cloud.  I know what it’s like when you just. can’t. even. 2012-08-18 16.47.26

I’m a Bermuda Onion who came of age in the South Bronx (I’m still Krissy from the Block). Now I live in Connecticut where I’m a 4th year associate in a major regional law firm. I’ve learned the hard way that me + biglaw = a hot mess. Just ask my partner, F.L. — poor guy. So now I’m transitioning.

I started INFJ.D. to create a helpful and hopeful space to share with others who battle depression and anxiety on a daily basis, whether they’re winning or losing.

I am on a journey, as we all are, to find my place in the world.

Here’s to honoring your truth.

I am not a certified personal trainer, nutritionist or mental health professional.  

Any law I discuss on this blog should not be considered legal advice or counsel. No attorney-client relationship has been formed or entered into.  These are just my thoughts on the world.

© 2016 Kristin Burgess

4 thoughts on “About INFJ.D.

  1. travellingsoulo says:

    I’m an INFJ too. I love to write and feel so passionate for the written word. Though, reality sets in and I realize I must find a job that will support me and my family (when I have one) in the future. I’d love to connect as I am thinking of going to Law School. So far, I love what you have to write and value your thoughts here!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Justina says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the blog. As both an INFJ and someone who has considered a variety of careers, I enjoyed reading your posts. You’re a great writer. Would it be okay to contact you someday to ask questions about your career?

    How have you been professionally? Keep us readers posted!

    Liked by 1 person

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