The Optimism/Anxiety Connection



The human brain is marvelous.

Ever since childhood I’ve been awe struck by the adaptability of the human brain.

My mother’s Multiple Sclerosis exacerbations and subsequent complete (or near complete) recovery always blew me away. One month she would lose her sight, be unable to use her left side, have difficulty speaking, feel that her legs were leaden. Then, a few months later, following a course of medicine and therapy, she was good as new.

I learned that her autoimmune disorder caused her body to attack and destroy the insulation for her nerves thereby weakening or completely disrupting signals from her brain to her body. But with time, her brain would find new ways to get the message out. The scars on her brain remained, but she recovered.

Incredible! Continue reading

Now the Hard Part


The Decision

Three months ago I decided to leave my firm job three months from now. The clock is ticking with no new job in sight. I’m afraid. I’m stressed. I’m worried that nothing will work out.

I don’t regret trying firm life. It wasn’t a good match. So be it.

I do, however, regret giving in to my paralyzing fears about quitting. I regret staying much longer than I should have. It took a long time to make peace with not being able to make it work. But it hasn’t been working. It’s never worked.

I’m ready to move on.

But what the hell I am supposed to do with myself now? Continue reading

Colorful Covers

This year, I’ve pledged not to read books written by white people.

I was inspired by an article I came across in the Washington Post by Sunili Govinnage.  For a year she only read books by racial and ethnic minority authors.  She reflects on how difficult it was just to find lists of books written by minority authors* and why this may have been so.  The wheels in my mind started turning. Continue reading

Ladies, Don’t Fear Heavy Lifting


I’m going to start this post with an #smh, a #facepalm and a #pleasemakeitstop.

I was at lunch with a beloved colleague and we were talking about a pilates class she attended that morning. I’m a yogi myself so I love that kind of stuff. But when she proceeded to tell me that she loves pilates because it “creates long, lean muscles and helps you get toned instead of bulky” I just took a deep breath, smiled, and nodded before changing the subject.

I love telling people what to do, but I’m no in person proselytizer.  I don’t know everything and I’ll be damned if I’m going to set myself up to be wrong in the future by telling people how wrong they are at every turn. Maybe I’m wrong.

The purpose of this post is NOT to insist that all ladies lift heavy (or lift weights at all, although I do insist on some form of strength training per the CDC).  No it’s about this crazy idea that one can get “toned not bulky” via “light weights and high reps” in the first place.

I cannot let this slide.  C’mon, son (man I miss Psych)! Continue reading